Welcome to the website for the California Hatchery Review Project.

A review of anadromous fish hatchery programs in California was funded by the U.S. Congress to evaluate how the programs could be operated to meet harvest goals and achieve contemporary species conservation goals for steelhead and Chinook and coho salmon. Eleven scientists, known as the California Hatchery Scientific Review Group (California HSRG), were appointed to evaluate the anadromous fish hatcheries of California’s Central Valley and the Klamath and Trinity rivers.

By operating hatcheries within a broader context that addresses habitat quantity and quality and harvest, the California HSRG review suggests that the efficiencies and benefits of hatchery production programs can be improved while providing protection needed to conserve natural salmonid populations. Their report provides a set of recommendations and operational guidelines that if implemented would enable hatchery programs to support sustainable fisheries while minimizing the impact of hatchery operations on natural populations.