Implementation of the Standards and Guidelines established through the hatchery review process will have implications to resource managers, funding authorities, tribes, and state and federal agencies. Each entity has a role in implementing these new recommendations for hatchery operations. In some instances, the California HSRG’s recommendations address both in-hatchery changes and out-of-hatchery issues including additional monitoring and research.

The California HSRG’s review will add significant value to current hatchery practices and the sustainability of natural anadromous fish populations only if the principles and recommendations are integrated into hatchery and resource management. To this end, the following recommendations for implementation are provided:

  • Conduct regular programmatic performance reviews of hatchery programs
  • Responsible agencies and the NMFS should apply California HSRG recommendations in the preparation and review of Hatchery and Genetic Management Plans
  • Regional hatchery funding entities (utilities, California Department of Water Resources, US Bureau of Reclamation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the State of California) should adopt the California HSRG’s standards and guidelines as a basis for future funding and accountability of their respective hatchery mitigation or enhancement programs
  • Staff with specific technical expertise (e.g., fish health specialists) should be tasked with addressing highly technical problems in the California hatcheries
  • Detailed, standardized protocols for monitoring hatchery programs are currently lacking in the anadromous salmonid hatcheries of California and should be developed